The solutions stands for the design, supply and execution for the entirely of core business the field for Structural Glazing, Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding, Glass Glazing, Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm, Total interiors glass/Acp, spider fitting, Patch fitting, Automatic door system, High quality locking technology, Fiberglass roofing systems, polymer windows is embraced by the total solutions.


Since 1999, Edgetech International entered into the contracting, trading and expanded into Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding, Glass Glazing, Automatic door, Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm, patch Fitting, Spider Fitting, Shower Fitting and life time warrantees Fiber Glass roofing system have been successfully facilitating and daily routines and social upliftment for people.


Advising, planning, designing, Manufacturing, Installing taking into operation, instructing, maintain, repairing, upgrading the know – how and experience of over150 highly qualified and motivated staff members are at your disposal.


The fact that our reliability as our client equals that of our products and workmanship guarantees a successful realization of your projects and perfect operation of your installation.


Advising, planning, designing, manufacturing, installing taking into operation, instructing, maintaining, repairing, upgrading the know-how and experience of over l50 highly qualified and motivated staff members are at your disposal.


Consulting: Professional supports and commitment during all the phases of your project.

Product management: Competent partners are capable of proposing a suitable solution. After sales service: Transfer of know- how and immediate trouble shooting available around the clock.

Maintenance: Our chief concern is to maintain the value of our customers, installation, while offering them optimum safety and availability. Development /design: Our customer’s requirements are met without delay and with an innovative approach.

Installation: Availability on the promised due date and faultless operation from the very beginning.

Modernization: Your installation can be upgrade to the latest state of the art, technology with minimum expenditure.